Prestigious Gift Set

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Attar: White Oud

White Oud
Ameer ul oud

HeadWear: White Lawn Scarf

White Lawn Scarf
Black Lawn Scarf
White Turkish Male Cap
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Welcome to our exquisite Islamic Gift Set, thoughtfully curated to nurture your spirit and enhance your spiritual journey. This carefully selected collection combines a range of sacred items, each chosen with utmost care and love.

Our Beloved Prophet S.A.W says:

"Exchange Gifts, as that, will lead to increasing your love for one another." Let this gift set be a conduit of love and kindness, deepening the bonds of affection among your loved ones. 

Al Bukhari

Our Gift Set Contains:

  1. Travelers JaNamaz with Leatherite Pouch: Stay connected to your faith, wherever you go, with our custom-made Traveler's JaNamaz. It's soft texture and elegant leatherette pouch make it a cherished companion during your prayers on the move.

  2. 300 gm of Saudi Ajwa and Mabroom Dates: Delight in the heavenly taste of Saudi Ajwa and Mabroom Dates. These succulent treats not only please your palate but also nourish your soul with their divine sweetness.

  3. 2 Olive Miswak: Embrace the ancient tradition of oral hygiene with our premium Olive Miswak sticks. Their natural goodness leaves you with a refreshing and wholesome smile.

  4. Surrati Originally Imported Attar: Immerse yourself in the essence of Makkah with Surrati's originally imported Attar. Choose from the captivating scents of White Oud, Bakarat, or Ameer ul Oud, and let their fragrance elevate your spirit.

  5. 250 ml Abe Zam Zam Bottle: Quench your spiritual thirst with the sacred essence of Zam Zam water. This blessed bottle holds the soul of Mecca, adding reverence to every drop.

  6. Islamic Rosary: Enhance your spiritual connection with our exquisitely crafted Islamic Rosary. Each bead is a moment of reflection, bringing you closer to the divine.

  7. Cotton High-Quality Stretchable Cap: Stay comfortable and stylish during your devotional practices with our premium cotton cap. It's exceptional quality and stretchable design ensure a perfect fit, adding grace to your devotion.
This Islamic Gift Set perfectly expresses love, faith, and spirituality. Embrace the blessings it holds and share its divine essence with those who matter most in your life. Elevate your spiritual journey with our exclusive collection today.
      Order your Islamic Gift Set now and experience the joy of giving and receiving love through faith-filled treasures. Embrace the essence of faith and love with this extraordinary collection for your Loved ones 🌙✨
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      White Oud, Bakarat, Ameer ul oud


      White Lawn Scarf, Black Lawn Scarf, White Turkish Male Cap


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      Feedback Related to Guft condition

      Assalam o Alaikum, I hope this message finds you well. I recently received my parcel, and while most of the items are in good condition, I wanted to provide some feedback regarding the quality of the gift box and tasbeeh. Unfortunately, the gift box was not in good condition upon arrival and was broken on one side. I kindly request that you consider improving the quality of these items in future parcels.

      Thank you for your attention to this matter.

      Best regards, SALMAN HABIBKHAN

      Tanveer Iqbal

      Excellent product quality.

      Kiran Shams
      Very High quality product

      The quality of goods was good. All the products are of high quality and it was a privilege to gift them to your love ones. The packing was good and promptly delivered.

      Ch Qaiser
      Perfect Gift for Loved Ones

      Premium packaging, Quality products, Specially Saffri Janamz is amazing to gift someone I am very happy to see such an amazing Gift Set to git someone.