1. Damaged or Spilled Packages: If the package you deliver is damaged or has spilled contents, customers are encouraged to take images of both the box and the damaged product. This documentation will be required for any refund or replacement request.

  2. Refund or Replacement: The policy promises to refund the customer 100% or replace the damaged product, depending on the customer's preference. This demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction in the event of delivery issues.

  3. Time Limit for Claims: The customer must make a claim within the same day of delivery. This sets a clear time limit for reporting any issues, ensuring that the company is not held responsible for problems that may occur after the delivery day.

  4. Exclusions for Refunds: Refunds will not be provided if the product is damaged by the customer or if any elements of the product are missing. This is a standard clause to protect the company from fraud or misuse of the refund policy.

  5. Order Cancellation: Customers who wish to cancel their orders are directed to contact the company through the provided email and contact number, along with their order ID. This establishes a clear process for order cancellations.