1. No Time Limit for Returns: You state that customers can return the product "anytime in your life." This is an exceptionally customer-friendly policy, as it doesn't impose a time limit for returns, which can be quite appealing to customers.

  2. 100% Product Price Refund: You promise to refund 100% of the product price without asking any questions. This approach is customer-centric and suggests a high level of confidence in the quality of your products.

  3. Unsatisfaction Guarantee: If customers are unsatisfied with the product or services, they are encouraged to contact you to initiate a 100% full refund. This assurance demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction.

  4. No Courier Charges for Returns: You also mention that customers won't need to pay courier charges for returning products, and you will take care of that. This is an additional convenience for customers and shows that you are willing to make the return process as hassle-free as possible.