Kokka Wood Tasbih

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Size and Design: 100 Beads Large 8 mm

100 Beads Extra Large 12 mm
100 Beads Large 8 mm
100 Beads Small 6 mm
33 Beads 10 mm
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✅ The high-quality Koka / Kuka seed is extremely strong and durable.

✅ These Turkish-style prayer beads are smooth to the touch and enjoyable to use.

✅ This is the natural Kuka color and they are buffed to shine naturally.

✅ With a Premium Luxury Gift box included. 

Kokka wood is a high-quality wood that has been used since the ancient time period. It is believed that it has been used to make Hazrat Nooh A.S Ark. Kokka wood has its own advantages and secrets that people believe in God.

  • Made from durable exotic Koka/Kuka seeds.
  • Unique prayer beads imported from Turkey.

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Size and Design

100 Beads Extra Large 12 mm, 100 Beads Large 8 mm, 100 Beads Small 6 mm, 33 Beads 10 mm


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