Sulemani Aqeeq

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✅  Hazrat Shah Shams Tabrez said Sulemani aqeeq wearer is protected from spiritual and physical illness. If anybody can’t sleep well are suggested to wear Sulemani Aqeeq. It also kills depression and brings self-confidence and get the motivation to achieve his goal. Sulemani Aqeeq is also the best solution for negative sight and black magic۔

✅ Hazrat Shah Shams Tabrez r.a said, “Sulemani Agate helps to make life successfulKeeps in the refuge of Allah from evil eye and black magic, It also helps to get rid of physical and spiritual ailments”. 

✅ It is believed that the Sulemani Aqeeq stone is a semi-precious gemstone. One such gemstone is Sulemani Aqeeq. Aqeeq or agate is a semi-precious opaque gemstone that is used as a healing stone.

✅ With a Premium Luxury Gift box included.

Vendor: Caveman Organics Pvt Ltd
Type: Prayer Beads
Size and Design: 100 Beads Large, 33 Beads
SKU: Caveman-Organics/SulemaniAqeeqTasbih-100beads
Barcode: 07640202
Weight: 0.1 kg