Acacia Honey

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Acacia has a pleasant, delicate flavor with traces of vanilla, a mild floral fragrance, and no aftertaste. Acacia honey is light and gentle on the palate; you can also eat more than a spoon or two of acacia honey right out of the container or jar without feeling like you've overdone it. Acacia is most often found in Australia – but most interestingly, acacia honey does not come from any of those trees that hardly ever produce nectar for honey. What we consider acacia honey comes from the black locust tree or the "false acacia" tree.

Nectar source: Black Locust 

Colour: Light-colored

Consistency: Smooth and runny

Taste: Delicate and mildly sweet flavors

Health Benefits

  • Due to its delicate and light taste, Acacia honey can be straight-up added to your cereal, yogurt, or milk, without you feeling like you overdid the taste. But besides being a good ingredient acacia honey has several health benefits.

Storage Info:  Refrigeration is not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place.

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Karachi Pakistan.

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    Type: Honey
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