1. Free Shipping Threshold: Orders across Pakistan will be shipped free of charge if they exceed a specified minimum order value of Rs 3500. This is an incentive to encourage larger purchases.

  2. Delivery Timeframe: Customers can expect delivery to take 3-6 working days. This sets clear expectations for the delivery timeframe.

  3. Customer Responsibility for Information: Customers are responsible for ensuring that they provide accurate and complete contact and address information when placing an order. This is important for successful and timely delivery.

  4. Order Verification: If there is a mistake in the customer's order, a representative from Caveman Organics (Private) Limited will contact the customer before processing the order. This allows for corrections and ensures that customers get what they intended to order.

  5. Delivery Attempts: The courier service will make up to three delivery attempts before returning the order. This gives customers multiple opportunities to receive their package.

  6. Cash on Delivery (COD) Service: The company offers Cash on Delivery as a payment option, which is convenient for customers who prefer to pay upon receiving their order.

  7. Direct Bank Transfer: For customers who choose Direct Bank Transfer as the payment method, they are instructed to provide transaction proof. This verification step helps ensure that the payment is received and matches the order.

  8. Possible Delays: The statement acknowledges that orders may be delayed due to factors beyond the company's control, such as bad weather conditions or courier company negligence. This sets realistic expectations for customers and shows transparency.