Persian Saffron ( Irani Saffron )

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Iran Saffron The Majestic Gold Saffron

IRAN is The Worlds Largest Producer of Saffron

 (Super Negin Grade)

Welcome to our website, where you'll discover the ultimate spice of luxury – Persian Saffron. Our saffron is hand-picked and carefully harvested from the finest fields in Iran, where the climate and soil provide the perfect growing conditions for this highly prized spice.

Persian Saffron is renowned for its unique flavor, rich aroma, and vibrant red color. It is considered one of the most valuable and sought-after spices in the world, prized for its exceptional quality and numerous health benefits.

At our company, we take great pride in our saffron. We believe that every meal should be a masterpiece, and the addition of Persian Saffron can take your cooking to the next level. Our saffron is available in several different forms, including whole threads, ground powder, and capsules, so you can choose the perfect option for your culinary needs.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality saffron at a reasonable price. Our team of experts carefully selects the highest quality saffron, ensuring that only the best makes it to your table. Our packaging is designed to preserve the freshness and quality of our saffron, ensuring that it reaches you in perfect condition.

Whether you're a professional chef, a home cook, or a food enthusiast, you'll love the versatility and flavor that our Persian Saffron brings to your dishes. From saffron-infused rice to saffron tea, the possibilities are endless.

Experience the magic of Persian Saffron for yourself and take your culinary creations to the next level. Order today and taste the difference that only the finest quality saffron can bring to your dishes!

We source our Saffron under strict criteria of ISO 3632 standards, which is a Grade A+ rating.


Grading of Saffron is an intense time taking process that requires skills and years of practice to polish skills.

Food Additives

Persian Saffron is an excellent replacement for synthetic food additives- for eg: instead of FD and C yellow no 5: a synthetic food coloring agent that is a very common allergy trigger, Saffron’s glorious yellow could be an acceptable hypoallergenic choice.

With these Saffron benefits known to us, this culinary treasure has to be used and especially in the winter months. Here are some serving ideas:

1. For a wonderful marinade for fish, add saffron threads, garlic, and thyme to vinegar.

2. Use saffron to give cakes, pastries, and cookies a buttery golden hue and a rich aroma.

3. Cook biryanis with saffron combined with cloves, cinnamon, Indian bay leaves, and nutmeg for a memorable treat.

Saffron is known for memory retention, tackling mood swings, and treating insomnia. It keeps the blood pressure under control, gives relief to joint pain, and reduces menstrual cramps.

Saffron also has many anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants. If you are suffering from a sore throat or muscle pains, a cup of warm Saffron milk will help you a lot.

Aside from being a tasty beverage, saffron milk is commonly believed to help brighten your complexion.

How to Store

Keep saffron in an airtight container, in a dark, cold, and dry place. Do not keep it in the freezer, as the freezing temperature will reduce its aroma.


The Saffron milk recipe is a healthy and delicious drink for winter.

How to make it now

Saffron milk is whole milk insured with the goodness of saffron. It is widely consumed across the world for health benefits. You can easily make saffron milk at home with just 3 ingredients. Here is how to make Afghani Herat Saffron milk step by step.

  • Boil 1 cup (250 ml) of whole milk over high heat.
  • As soon as the milk boils, add 1 Tbsp (5 grams) of sliced almonds, 3-7 Afghani Saffron threads, 1/4 tsp (2 grams) ground cardamom (Optional), and 1 to 2 Tbsp (5 to 15 grams) of honey. Simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Enjoy the drink while it’s still hot.


Storage Info:  Refrigeration is not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place.

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